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Bishop Ludden Junior-Senior High School

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Application Process

Application Process

The focus of the Admission Board Committee is your child’s success in the Bishop Ludden Junior-Senior High School environment for the six years of his/her junior-senior high school experience. The admission procedures include a review of a student's application, testing, recommendations, and past academic performance.

Application Procedure
Applications are due in March for fall admission, and grades and academic profiles are due with your application.  Each admission decision is made on an individual basis, and all transfer applicants will be interviewed. We will mail a decision letter within two weeks of receiving your completed application. Please complete the pre-application/interest form for our records. Please Note: This is not the full admissions application. Full applications will be available for the upcoming academic year in mid-January.

The Decision Process
In the decision process, the admission board committee considers whether your child will be comfortable with the academic level of College Preparatory, Honors or Advanced Placement classes offered at Bishop Ludden. Upon reviewing your completed application paperwork, the committee will render a decision.

Admission Requirements

Grade 7
  • Successful completion of Grade 6
  • Successful completion of formal application process
Grade 9
  • Successful completion of Grade 8
  • Successful completion of formal application process
Grades 8, 10, 11, 12
  • Successful completion of previous year’s courses
  • Successful completion of formal application process