The 2020 Senior High Honors Convocation recognizes students for academic success and their service to our school and community. Congratulations to all of our outstanding students!

Course Awards


Emily Bouchard AP English Literature, AP Biology, Participation in Government, French V

Daniela Deapo English 12, Health, Meteorology

Noah Kerwin Physical Education

Jack Moen Religion 12, Spanish V

Nguyen Nguyen  AP Drawing, Geology

Katelyn Oswalt Economics

Nathaniel Parkhurst Financial Algebra

Kadi Piagentini Life & Wellness

Alexis Pietrowski Physical Education

Antonio Scutari AP Calculus

Sarah Thompson Drawing & Painting III



Achot Aroman Drawing & Painting II

Brian Buttner AP US History, High School Band

Anya Collins Spanish III 

Aidan Craner Introduction to Psychology

Michael Gaughan Sport & Ent. Marketing, Physical Education

Erin Kerwin French IV, Religion 11

Paul Kolenda Pre-Calculus, Physics

Amelia Lamendola Physical Education

Aine McIntyre English 11, Spanish IV



Heidi Biernacki Religion 10 

Sarah Boyea Physical Education

Ava DiRubbo French III

Patrick Hammer Global II PD

Kaitlyn Kibling Spanish III 

Nazier Kinsey Physical Education

Victoria Parsons Religion 10, AP English Language, Algebra II, Chemistry

Paige Smith English 10, Drawing & Painting I

Patrick Towsley Global II



Savannah Williams Global I

Amarah Streiff Studio Art

Clare Ruddy Geometry, French II

Ashley Petragnani Algebra I

Catherine Keegan English 9 PD

Rhyan Hergenhan English 9

Brigid Hardick Religion 9

Faith Griffin Physical Education

Annie Gaughan Spanish II 

Samuel Colella Global II PD, Concert Choir

Evan Cervantes Physical Education

Ryan Brady Living Environment

Citizenship Awards

Freshmen Citizenship Award Winners are: 

Camryn Collins

Sarah  Fink

Spencer James

Paul Owens

Sophomore citizenship award winners are:

Sarah Boyea

Emily Flynn

Patrick Hammer

Joseph McGarvey

Junior citizenship award winners are: 

William Anderson

Brian Buttner

Josephine Shattell

Francesco Todeschini

Senior citizenship award winners are:

James McGarvey

Jack  Moen

Emily  Monroe

Katelyn  Oswalt

Perfect Attendance

Grade 9: 

Joe  Adamo

Ryan Brady

Taysir Briggs

Norah Casey

Evan Cervantes

Faith Griffin

Spencer James

Allison Kerwin

Cleshaun Lively

Therese Murry

Keiara Odume

Ashley Petragnani

Isabella Rivera

Savannah Williams

Grade 10:

J’Brielle  Bullock

Timothy Long

James  Mack

Grade 11:

Paul Kolenda

Amelia Lamendola

Christian  Ly-Gunn

Aisha  Osbourne

Lauren  Petrie

Axel  Rivera

Katherine  Ruddy

Francesca Todeschini

Grade 12:

Nguyen  Nguyen  

Katelyn  Oswalt

Service Award

Freshmen – 

Spencer James 53 hrs

Catherine Keegan 57 hrs 

Roberto Scutari 62 hrs

Siobhan Kivlehan 75 hrs

Sarah Fink 80 hrs

Faith Griffin 100 hrs

Brigid Hardick 101 hrs

Therese Murry 118 hrs

Amarah Streiff 125 hrs


Ava DiRubbo 131 hrs

Ashley Kochanek 161 hrs

Jordan Puchalski 221.5 hrs

Lukas Eckert 280 hrs

Paige Smith 641 hrs

Juniors – 

Matthew Brunger 149 hrs

Alexia Chemotti 102.5 hrs 

Amelia Lamendola 108.5 hrs

Dominick Chatas 111.5 hrs

John Galeazza 146 hrs

Axel Rivera 117 hrs

Andrew Schultz 146 hrs 

Josephine Shattell 146 hrs

Will Anderson 158.5 hrs

Aine McIntyre 165 hrs

Francesca Todeschini 269 hrs

Seniors – 

Derek Tetrault 133 hrs

Bridget Downey 134 hrs; She will also receive an Honor Cord for accumulating a total of 536 service hours 

Jack Moen 153.5 hrs

Katelyn Oswalt No new hours this year, however, She will receive an Honor Cord for accumulating a total of 590 service hours

Nathanial Parkhurst 681 hrs this year alone; He will receive an Honor Cord for accumulating a total of 829 service hours 


High Honors

From the Class of 2023:

Evan Cervantes

Camryn Collins

Jonathan Daher

Faith Griffin

Betrize Gurgol

Ryhan Hergenhan

Spencer James

Catherine Keegan

Allison Kerwin

Siobhan Kivlehan

Andie Leo

Bailey Mowers

Keiara Odume

Paul Owens

Ashley Petragnani

Dimitri Reynolds

Isabella Rivera

Anne Sardino

Regina Shattell

Benjamin Thieben

Savannah Williams


From the class of 2022:

Amelia Adams

Heidi Biernacki

Sarah Boyea

J’Brielle Bullock

Mark Collins

Anderson Corriero

Peter Dunham

Reese Evans

Andrew Janowski

Kaitlyn Kibling

Timothy Long

Madison Moen

Rachel Sherwood

Summer Smith


From the class of 2021: 

Achot Aroman

Grant Baker

Matthew Brunger

Dominick Chatas

Tianqi Jiang

Jordan Kochanek

Amelia Lamendola

Michael Losi

Yisu Park

Lauren Petrie

Axel Rivera

Ashlee Robertson

Katherine Ruddy

Josephine Shattell

Francesca Todeschini


From the class of 2020:

Andrew Cervantes

Daniela Deapo

Noah Kerwin

Jack Moen

Katelyn Oswalt

Sarah Thompson

Principal's List

From the class of 2023:

Achol Aroman

Ryan Brady

Norah Casey

Samuel Colella

Sarah Fink

Annie Gaughan

Brigid Hardick

Therese Murry

Clare Ruddy

Amarah Streiff

Amelia Tkacz-Jimenez  


From the Class of 2022– 

Charlie Colella

Ava DiRubbo

Patrick Hammer

Ashley Kochanek

Victoria Parsons


From the Class of 2021

William Anderson

Brian Buttner

Aidan Craner

John Galeazza

Michael Gaughan

Erin Kerwin

Paul Kolenda

Aine McIntyre


From the Class of 2020

Emily Bouchard*

Nguyen Nguyen

Antonio Scutari


*Emily will be recognized with a plaque at graduation for maintaining a 94.5% average or above for all marking periods during the past 4 years at Bishop Ludden.

President's Award for Educational Achievement

Evan Haberek, Kadi Piagentini, Alexis Pietrowski, Robert Sexton

The President's Award For Educational Excellence

Emily Bouchard, Gryffin Hardick, Jack Moen, Nguyen Nguyen, and Katelyn Oswalt

Outstanding Peer Leadership

Emma Fiorino and Nate Parkhurst

Air Force Scholastics/Athletics Award

Andrew Cervantes and Amelia Lamendola

Air Force Math and Science Award

Brian Buttner and Yisu Park

Air Force Technology Award

William Anderson and Francesca Todeschini

Triple “C” Award

Dominick Chatas and Spencer James

NYS Comptroller Student Achievement Awards

Andrew Cervantes, Ryan DeVaney, James McGarvey, Nathaniel Parkhurst, Antonio Scutari, and Derek Tetreault

NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Emily Bouchard – $1,500

Katelyn Oswalt and Antonio Scutari – $500

Music Awards

Congratulations to Brian Buttner for being selected to participate in the 2020 Sr. High All-County Chorus as well as the Sr. High All-County Jazz Ensemble

STEM Awards

The Bishop Ludden Science Olympiad squad scored the most medals in its 11 year history.  2020 Science Olympiad C Medal  Winners and medals include   Dom Chatas in   Geologic  Mapping, Green Generation, and. Solar Power,  Mike Losi in  Green Generation , Paul Kolenda in  Designer Genes, and  Astronomy , Isaiah Horne and Jordan Kochanek  in   Boomilever,  Matt Brunger   in   Astronomy, Will Anderson in Machines and  Designer Genes,  Nguyen Nguyen in Geologic Mapping, and Tim Jiang in    Machines. 2020 Science Olympiad B Medal  Winners included Paul Owens and Ryans Brady in Circuit Lab, and Bronze in Experimental Design. Tess Murry and Sarah Fink paired for medals in Anatomy, Bronze in Write It Do It  and Silver in Crimebusters. Jon Daher took Bronze in Experimental Design and medaled Ping Pong Parachute. Beatrize Gurgol scored in Ping Pong Parachute and. Meteorology. Isaiah Apps medaled in Meteorology , The teams were coached by Maxine Babcock, Grace Babcock, Will Anderson, Cheryl Hardick, and Michael Skanes.

The Bishop Ludden MasterMinds team scored invitations to three national tournaments with Small Schools Championships at the Ithaca Fall Invitational and Geneva Invitationals and won the Syracuse 2 Regional Title in both Varsity and Junior Varsity competition.  Senior Gryffin Hardick three-peated as League All-Star, while Paul Kolenda was named for the second straight year. The JV team has won the title for three straight years. NAQT Ithaca Fall Invitational 2019 Small Schools Champions were Dom Chatas,Mike Losi, Gryffin Hardick, Paul Kolenda, Aidan Craner, and manager Isaiah Horne.  Paul received the #3 Individual Player Award. NAQT 2020 Geneva Invitational Small Schools Champions were Dom Chatas, Gryffin Hardick, Paul Kolenda, and Aidan Craner. Paul Kolenda won the #4 Individual Player Medal.  2019-20 MasterMinds Syracuse League 2  Junior Varsity Champions were  George O’Malley, Francesca  Todeschini, Axel Rivera,Pat Hammer,Rob Burns,Paul Owens, and Ryan Brady,  The teams were coached by Maxine Babcock

Coach Jerry Wilcox Scholarship Award

Allison Kerwin, Summer Smith, Michael Gaughan

Jack E. McAuliffe Achievement Award

Megan Cameron, Heidi Biernacki, Ashlee Robertson

Mary Elizabeth Rea Memorial Scholarship

Brian Buttner

David D. Didio Scholarship

Kaitlyn Kibling & Axel Rivera 

Jeffrey M. McGuire Memorial Scholarship

Sarah Thompson

Patricia J. Drake ’82 Scholarship

John Owens

John G. Servatius ’85 Memorial Scholarship

John (Grant) Baker

Elizabeth Tully Scholarship

Alexandra Royal

Blue Cords

Emma Fiorino, Isaiah Horne, Jack Moen, Rose Morris, William Powell, Robert Sexton, Derek Tetreault, Megan Virkler

Green Cords

Bridget Downey, Gryffin Hardick, James McGarvey and Jack Moen

Gold Cords

Emily Bouchard

Jayden Burney

Liam Casey

Andrew Cervantes

Ryan DeVaney

Gryffin Hardick

Isaiah Horne

Noah Kerwin

Cassidy Lenchert

Jack Moen

Rose Morris

Nguyen Nguyen

Katelyn Oswalt

Antonio Scutari

Sarah Thompson

Megan Virkler

Class of 2020 Top Ten

10 – Noah Kerwin

9 – Andrew Cervantes

8 – Nguyen Nguyen

7 – Gryffin Hardick

6 – Liam Casey

5 – Jack Moen

3 – Sarah Tompson

3 – Antonio Scutari

2 – Katelyn Oswalt

1 – Emily Bouchard