Dear friend,

As principal of Bishop Ludden Jr-Sr High School, I am writing to you about a matter of great importance to our school — to seek your support for The Ludden Fund.

Framed in business terms, the case for the fund is very simple: tuition covers only about 60% of our school’s operating budget. The support we receive through The Ludden Fund is, therefore, significant for maintaining our programs.

Framed in terms of a faith-based academic institution, the fund has a more profound impact. The Ludden Fund enables us to fulfill our mission of educating well-rounded students in the tradition of the Catholic faith and to grow in excellence.

This marks my fourth and final anniversary as principal at Bishop Ludden. It’s a fact I note with a dose of sadness but also with a sense of pride. You see, the progress I’ve seen over my years here has been phenomenal.

When I compare the Bishop Ludden of today to the one in 2017, I see a school continuing to make significant improvements. I see academic opportunity with the International Baccalaureate World School Diploma Program. I see students happy and grateful to be here. I see a school that is flourishing now and into the future.

We are currently ranked as the #2 Catholic High School in Central New York. Our ambition is to be nothing less than the best college-preparatory school in Central New York, and we are implementing a strategic plan that will take us there.

As I look back over the years, though, I’m struck not just by all the changes, but also by the attributes I know will never change.

At Bishop Ludden, we have always honored the great principles of academic excellence, moral development and spiritual growth on which the school was founded. We have always been a close, strong community and a place where teachers inspire as much as they instruct, leading the way by example.

Among the many reasons to support the school, I can think of none better than to help our faculty in their work. As principal, my goal is simply to set the stage for this work — to do everything possible to create an environment where teachers and students can be successful.

As a donor to the Ludden Fund, you can join me in this role. Together, let’s put the right resources in place, then stand back and watch them achieve.

I hope you will join me in supporting The Ludden Fund by making your gift today.


Leo Cosgrove

Principal, Bishop Ludden Jr-Sr High School