Senior Year Timeline


  • Fill out “Student Profile” on Naviance
  • Meet with your counselor to discuss graduation requirements, narrow college choices and college app. process.
  • Register for NCAA Clearinghouse if interested in Div. I or II intercollegiate athletics, at
  • Continue visiting and researching colleges to come up with final list to apply to (Use Naviance)
  • Prepare checklist to include deadlines & important dates.
  • Decide if you will apply Early Action, Early Decision or Regular Decision and let your counselor know.
  • Meet with college admissions representatives visiting Bishop Ludden
  • Attend Bishop Ludden’s College Fair


  • Attend Bishop Ludden’s Financial Aid Night
  • Create Username & Password (you & parent) to file your FAFSA online (
  • File the FAFSA ( and any additional forms required by the college.
  • File your TAP application online at the end of the FAFSA application.
  • File CSS Profile ( if needed for private schools
  • Take ACT  (if necessary)
  • Continue to tour college campuses & schedule interviews at colleges (write thank you notes)
  • Ask a faculty member to write recommendation, send them request through Naviance, give at least 3 weeks to complete
  • Begin your college essay. Have teachers, counselors or parents proof-read.
  • Begin completing applications (college and scholarship).
  • Investigate scholarship possibilities available at colleges and be aware of deadlines
  • Examine your information on Facebook/Twitter & other social networks – consider updating or deleting contents that might not be viewed favorably by college admissions officers


  • Take SAT or SAT Subject tests (if necessary)
  • After submitting completed applications online or to college, fill out the College/Scholarship Application Request Form in order to request transcript and recommendations.  Be aware of deadlines!
  • Arrange auditions, portfolio reviews, or scholarship interviews


  • Take SAT and/or ACT (if necessary)
  • Submit completed applications to Counseling (college, financial aid and scholarships).  Be aware of deadlines!


  • Submit remaining applications (college, financial aid and scholarships). Be aware of deadlines!
  • Arrange auditions, portfolio reviews or scholarship interviews


  • Begin looking for acceptance letters in the mail.
  • Monitor applications.  Early decision applicants should have answer by now. 
  • Notify school counselor of acceptances and updates with colleges.  Give copies of all acceptance letters to counseling office. 
  • Prepare for AP exams (if necessary)
  • Check your financial aid package. 
  • Start looking for a summer job.


  • Keep grades up!  All acceptances are conditional upon completion of 12th grade and can be withdrawn.
  • If you are accepted by a college, you must make an enrollment decision, accept or refuse the financial aid offered, and send in the required housing and tuition deposits by May 1
  • Call college financial aid offices if you have questions about your aid packages. 


  • Notify school counselor of your final decision so that final transcripts may be sent
  • Send thank you notes to those who assisted you (wrote recommendations, etc.)
  • Notify colleges you decided not to attend.