The Bishop Ludden English Department provides courses of study that are committed to the discovery of meaning and value in language and literature. Our department aims to show students how to experience literature in a whole new way; thus, students are involved in challenging and rewarding encounters with literary works representing a variety of genres and time periods.

Bishop Ludden English courses are designed to build upon and improve the core skills introduced in each previous year — writing, speaking, and listening. Students are well-versed, studying various types of literature including short story, poetry, drama, epic, myth, and novel. Various forms of writing will be covered, such as personal writing, persuasive writing, expository writing, and research writing.

Our English curriculum at Bishop Ludden will prepare students for college and career by building skills to communicate effectively and crafting an ability to think creatively and logically. We encourage students to express themselves through language. We provide a curriculum that is centered on educating the whole individual, while being careful not to ignore the spiritual and ethical concerns that are crucial to our understanding of the present world and our commitment toward our future. Through inquiry, self-expression, and social communication our students learn and grow as one.

Photo of Jim Marsh Jim Marsh English Teacher
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AP English Lit - -
English 10 - -
English 11 - -
English 12 - -
English 7 - -
English 8 - -
English 9 - -