Foreign Language

The Bishop Ludden Foreign Language Department courses provide windows into other parts of the world through the study of languages. Communication is at the heart of second language study, whether the communication takes place face-to-face, in writing, or across centuries through the reading of literature. Students must understand and interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics. They engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.

In addition to learning the language, our students gain valuable knowledge and understanding of other cultures. Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own. They acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are available only through the study of foreign language and its cultures.

Students are encouraged to use the language both within and beyond the school setting. Our annual trip to Europe offers students the unique opportunity to be immersed in the foreign language culture of their choice. Students also reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the use of foreign language.

Bishop Ludden offers a wide variety of languages other than English that challenge students with no previous instruction to the advanced student who wants to further develop conversation, reading and writing skills, and expand their knowledge of culture through film and literature. All courses are designed to build upon and improve the core skills introduced in the previous ones. The languages offered include French and Spanish with Advance Placement options, Greek, Latin, Italian and German.

- Foreign Language Robyn DeGaetano Spanish Teacher
- Foreign Language Walt Mroczek Spanish Teacher
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Walt Mroczek

Bachelor’s degree (magna cum laude), Secondary Spanish, SUNY Geneseo; Graduate work at the University of Rochester and Syracuse University

Before coming to Bishop Ludden, Mr. Mroczek taught at Our Lady of Lourdes/All Saints, starting in 1992. While at Our Lady of Lourdes/All Saints, Mr. Mroczek taught Spanish, Religion, English and Health.

Mr. Mroczek is formerly the dean of students at Bishop Ludden, but has since passed on the role in order to focus on the Spanish language curriculum.

Mr. Mroczek teaches all levels of Spanish, including a course for those who need extra time and encouragement mastering basic Spanish. A strong believer in the Catholic church, Mr. Mroczek often integrates religion and faith into his studies and teaching. His classes regularly connect religious observances and worship into instruction.

Mr. Mroczek has taken graduate courses in English, reading and literature for middle school students, in which he’s incorporated self-esteem development and work in Spanish/Latin American culture and history.

Mr. Mroczek is a native of Rochester, where he attended Bishop Kearney High School and worked for 18 years in retail sales and management. Growing up, Mr. Mroczek’s family ran a small farm, instilling in him a love for gardening and forestry.

Mr. Mroczek also enjoys his cottage on Port Bay in Wolcott. Other interests include reading and local travel.


Spanish IA
Spanish II
Spanish III
Spanish IV

- Foreign Language Reverend Dan Muscalino Religious Studies/Foreign Language Teacher
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Rev. Dan Muscalino

B.A in Philosophy: M.Div.

Ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in 1978, Fr. Dan Muscalino started teaching at Bishop Ludden in 1989.

He teaches Junior Religion: Morality and Social Justice, Senior Religion: Intro to Philosophy and Comparative Religions, as well as Latin and Gree. Fr. Dan values the strong Catholic identity of Bishop Ludden and its students.

The Chapel at Bishop Ludden was dedicated to Fr. Dan on the occasion of his 25th anniversary of his Ordination.

Fr. Dan is currently the pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church in Marcellus.

He also enjoys reading and wine making.


Latin I/II/III
Religious Studies 11
Religious Studies 12

- Foreign Language Suzanne Pietropaolo French/German/Italian Teacher; Ad-Hoc Member of the Board of Trustees