The math department at Bishop Ludden seeks to provide each student with the tools to prepare them for college and to meet the challenges of a new, technology driven world. Students take fundamental courses that align with New York State standards and regents exams. Technology is integrated in the curriculum through the use of graphing calculators, SmartBoards, and online learning.

In addition to classes, Bishop Ludden provides a Math Lab open to all students who seek extra help, tutoring, or test preparation.

Photo of Bethanie Fink Bethanie Fink Math Teacher
Photo of Heather Hess Heather Hess Math Teacher
Photo of Reem Salamy Reem Salamy Math Teacher
Class Name Teacher Assignments
Algebra I Mrs. Reem Kattura-Salamy & Mrs. Heather Hess -
Algebra II Mrs. Reem Kattura-Salamy & Mrs. Heather Hess -
AP Calculus Mrs. Heather Hess -
Financial Algebra Mrs. Bethany Fink -
Geometry Mrs. Reem Kattura-Salamy & Mrs. Heather Hess -
Math 7 Mrs. Bethany Fink -
Math 8 Mrs. Bethany Fink -
Pre-Calculus Mrs. Heather Hess -