The Bishop Ludden Science Department offers courses to prepare our students for the 8th grade science assessment; Regents exams in Earth Science, Life Science, Chemistry, and Physics; and Biology exams. Other courses include Honors Physics, Meteorology & Astronomy, Pre- Chemistry, Local Physics, and Scientific Data Analysis. 



Photo of Maxine Babcock Maxine Babcock Science Teacher & STEM Club Moderator
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Mrs. Babcock has been teaching at Bishop Ludden since 2008. Certified in Social Studies 7-12 and English 7-12, she has taught every grade from 7-12 since starting at Thousand Islands High School in 1985. She coached JV Soccer, JV Basketball, and Varsity Basketball at TI. She currently teaches Computers 8, Food Science, Natural Hazards and Disasters, and Forensic Science. She previously taught English 8, 9,10, and 11 for six years at Bishop Ludden before becoming the Library Director for eight years. Before joining the Science Department. She graduated from Alma College in Michigan with undergraduate degrees in both History and English. She was Alma College’s Field Hockey MVP in 1982 and was named to the All-MIAA team that year. Her Master of Science degree came from Syracuse University in Social Studies 7-12. She is currently employed by ESM Central School District as a Homebound Tutor and BOCES as a summer school teacher in Social Studies and English.

Mrs. Babcock founded the Bishop Ludden STEM program with Dr. Linda Mandanas in 2009. She has coached Science Olympiad since 2009, taking the team to the State Championship in 2011,2022, and 2023.All three of her children competed for Bishop Ludden’s Science Olympiad squad. She coached the MasterMinds, NY team to the state championship in 2021, and to the seventh place trophy in the Small School National Championship Tournament, Open Division in 2021. Her team also won the DoubleDown championship in 2019. She is the Head Quiz Bowl coach, with teams qualified for the SSNCT since 2019. She also coaches the CNY Rocket Team Challenge Teams, The Innovation Challenge Teams, and previously coached the First Lego League Teams and Vex Robotics Teams. She switched from Robotics and MasterMinds to eSports in 2021. Mrs. Babcock founded the Bishop Ludden eSports program, a varsity sport, in 2021, starting with Rocket League. The program currently has a Rocket League squad, two Super Smash Bros teams, and a Mario Kart squad.

In her free time, she enjoys her cat, trying to find time to travel with her husband, working out at Elevate Fitness and Trillium Fitness classes and reading mysteries.


  • Computers 8
  • Food Science
  • Natural Hazards and Disasters
  • Forensic Science
Photo of Susie Davis Susie Davis Science Teacher
Photo of Monica Hanson Monica Hanson Director of Campus Ministry & Science Teacher

Miss Hanson was born and raised in Syracuse, NY with her parents and four siblings. She graduated from Le Moyne College in 2018 with her Bachelor’s in Biology and Secondary Education. She earned her MSEd in Biology from SUNY Brockport in 2021. Miss Hanson has taught Living Environment and 7th Grade Science for five years at Bishop Ludden, but has since switched roles to be the IB Biology Teacher and Campus Minister!
Miss Hanson is the JV/Modified Softball Coach at Ludden and in her free time loves to play recreational softball and volleyball. She is also a competitive a cappella singer for the Spirit of Syracuse Chorus and cantors at St. Cecilia’s Church.
Miss Hanson loves the outdoors, collecting rubber ducks, spending time with her family, and going on adventures with her dog, Potato!


  • IB Biology
Photo of Marjorie Olt Marjorie Olt Science Teacher

I have over 20 years of teaching experience in both New York and Michigan. I graduated from Cornell University and Teachers College of Columbia University. My husband and I have three grown sons. We enjoy traveling and outdoor activities in our free time.


  • 7th Grade Life Science
  • 9th Grade Living Environment
Photo of Jacqueline Sudol Jacqueline Sudol Science Teacher

Ms. Sudol earned her Bachelor’s degree from York College of PA in Secondary Education: General Sciences. She earned her Master’s degree from Mississippi State in Teaching in Geosciences. Ms. Sudol has been working at Bishop Ludden since 2017, before that she taught for four years at York Catholic High School in York, PA. Ms. Sudol is passionate about the natural sciences, finding nature to be both fascinating and a beautiful gift from God. She currently resides in North Syracuse as a St. Rose parishioner. She loves hiking with her dog, Murphy, and exploring the world that God has created. Her goal is to visit all 50 states. She loves rock and Christian music, Swedish fish, and M&Ms.


  • Regents Earth Science
  • IB Environmental Systems and Societies
  • Science 8


Class Name Teacher Assignments
- -
Chemistry Ms. Susie Davis -
Earth Science Ms. Jacqueline Sudol -
Geology Ms. Jacqueline Sudol -
Health 10-12 Ms. Christine Primrose -
Health 7 Ms. Christine Primrose -
Living Environment Ms. Monica Hanson -
Meteorology Ms. Jacqueline Sudol -
Physics Ms. Susie Davis- -
Science 7 - -
Science 8 - -
The Aquaponics Keystone Project was funded by a grant from Toshiba. The members are seniors Andy Buttner, Anthony Farino, and Griffin Walker. Mentors for the project were John Schafer, Karen McDonold, and Maxine Babcock.

Aquaponics at Bishop Ludden
By Anthony Farino, Griffin Walker, and Andy Buttner

What do fish, feces, and fabrication have in common? When it comes to Bishop Ludden’s Senior Keystone Project, they equal our grant-winning Aquaponics project. When it came time to choose our required topic, we collectively chose to do a spin on farming called Aquaponics. Aquaponics is the combination of Aquaculture (raising fish) and Hydroponics (growing plants in water).

Our project went through a series of test runs (attested to by the pile of dead fish outside the Science Olympiad Lab) before our current group of 24 brook trout from SUNY Cobleskill; these fish are fertilizing seven forms of herbs and vegetables.

Anthony Farino took the lead on building the structure and maintaining it; he also is tasked with preserving the longevity of the project. His goal is to score enough grants to fund this as a formal class. Griffin Walker ran the biology aspects, along with the record keeping. As manager, Andy Buttner is tasked with grant applications and writing the final book so that the project is able to be replicated.

The goal of the project is to design and test the best system for future usage. We are also creating global development models for profitability and productivity.

The project will end with a monster fish fry with fresh salad.

Click here to watch a special segment on the Aquaponics Keystone Project by Megan Coleman at CNY Central.

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