Dear Parents and Guardians,

As we enter the new school year, we all understand it’s not going to be the “normal” that all of us are used to. Regarding the uniform policy, we know many of you have expressed some concerns, so in response, we have decided to relax on a few things during the fall semester. These uniform adjustments will be allowed until Nov. 1, and if the season is warmer than typical, we will extend the deadline.

Adjustments to the school uniform through Nov. 1 and possibly beyond depending on the weather:

  • All students can wear khaki shorts/pants and for girls, also khaki skorts. Remember, khaki is the only acceptable color for shorts and
  • Students can wear green or white polo shirts with or without the Bishop Ludden logo on it. Again, green or white
  • Button downs must be white, light green or light blue with or without the Bishop Ludden
  • All the above may be purchased at any store, however, items with logos should still be purchased at Land’s End.

*Even though temporary adjustments have been made, students are expected to be in uniform every day.

What has NOT changed:
  • All students must wear shoes. Boots, sneakers, sandals, slippers, moccasins are NOT allowed. (Sneakers can be worn only with a medical excuse or doctor’s note).
  • All students must wear socks. Socks must be in good taste, as
Also Very Important:

Gaitor Face Masks cannot be worn at Bishop Ludden during the school day. They will not be substitutes for regular masks.