Financial Aid

Bishop Ludden strongly encourages all parents to consider applying for financial aid. For our 2023-24 financial aid assessment process, we are once again collaborating with FACTS Grant & Aid.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding financial aid and FACTS Grant & Aid please contact:
 Financial Aid &Tuition Office at 315-459-7175 

Important Dates


February 15TH – Last day to file to be considered for financial aid. Applications should be in by January 1, 2024 to be considered for maximum aid.

To apply for financial aid, please visit and select the “Payment plans/financial aid” option. If you need help with filing, please contact FACTS Customer Care Representatives, at (866) 441. 4637.

Our first and largest round of financial aid is TAP A, which is funded by the HOPE APPEAL. In order to be eligible for TAP A awards, families will need to complete their financial aid application and submit their supporting documentation to FACTS by FEBRUARY 15TH. Please note that financial aid applications must be submitted every year.

Supporting documentation can be scanned and uploaded or faxed (866.315.9264) to FACTS. Supporting documentation should include:

  • Copies of parent’s 2022 return if available OR 2021 tax return – include all supporting tax schedules
  • W-2’s for the parent (and spouse if applicable) from either 2022 OR 2021
  • Copies of Social Security income, child support, food stamps, worker’s compensation and TANF (if applicable)
  • Processing fee

The processing fee for each application is $35 per family. Once a parent applies, they can log into their FACTS account to check the status of their application, and FACTS will provide bi-weekly follow-up communication to parents if their application is incomplete. There is NO additional fee if parents have children in two or more schools of the Syracuse Catholic Diocese.

If you would like to apply to Msgr Yeazel’s Catholic Education Endowment Fund, please follow this link and click “Apply Now.” This is a very simple application process and applicants have the opportunity to earn $400 towards their tuition.

Bishop Ludden is now profiled for Sallie Mae’s K12 Family Education Loan Program. Please log onto the website below and contact Financial Aid Office at 315-459-7175  for more information.

Families will apply at