Scholarship Exam

Our secondary scholarship exam date for students  looking to enter Bishop Ludden for the 2023-2024 school year will be held on Saturday, January 21If you have questions do not hesitate to reach out to  the enrollment office at (315) 579-0086 or

Arrival: Please be here by 8:15 AM. Enter through the main doors. Check-in will be in the main lobby. The exam begins at 8:30 AM and will end around 11:00 PM. Students will have bathroom and snack breaks during the test (snacks will be provided, but you may bring a personal snack if you’d like).

Have students dress as comfortably as possible! Sneakers, jeans, sweats, etc. Please bring two #2 pencils.

Any student who wishes to be considered for a scholarship at Bishop Ludden must take the exam at Ludden. Whereas in the past, Bishop Ludden and Bishop Grimes have shared scores for the scholarship exam, this is no longer the case. However, our exam at Ludden is NOT required. It is only for students who wish to be considered for a scholarship at Ludden.

If your student has an IEP/504 program, please make sure the counseling office at Ludden has the paperwork ASAP, so they can make the appropriate accommodations.

Fax #: 315-468-0097