Alumni Spotlight: Carol Stanley                                             

Name   Carol “STASH” Stanley    Class of 1967

College & Graduate Education SUNY Fredonia, SUNY Cortland, Drexel

Personal Background and Achievements:

STASH is known as “The Mother of Padded Gloves” Founder of STASH Sporting Goods, Inc. and LaceLocker.  Her first invention, the STAN-MILL MITT — is enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. since 1988. It is the first product to be invented by a woman that is part of the permanent collection. Today, several versions of the mitt and other Stanley innovations are still used by major-leaguers.

For 27 years, she played ball. She is a two-time ASA All-American fast pitch softball third-baseman, a former head and assistant softball coach, and she helped establish softball in the South American country of Peru.

She stays committed to women’s education and endowed the LaceLocker Scholarship at SUNY Fredonia, which gives first generation female students an opportunity to attend the school. The scholarship is in honor and memory of her mother Cassie.

What is the best advice you could give current Ludden students?

Work hard. Have fun. Run your tail off.  Establish a guiding principle of helping others in all that you do. You will get back ten-fold in proportion to your efforts. Work hard every day.  Be open minded, 95% of possibilities will pass you by if you aren’t. Identify your gift(s) and spend the rest of your life giving it away to others. Every day wake up ready and willing to give all of yourself – “leave nothing in your tank”.

What advice would you have to Ludden students on how to be a leader?

To be a leader you need to walk the talk. You do not need to have all the answers but you need to practice what you preach. ALWAYS be willing to get your hands dirty and NEVER take credit for the success of the team. Develop the ability to give honest feedback and defer successes to the team. Articulate vision and help your teammates understand of what they are capable.

What is your favorite Ludden memory?

Glee Club and Christmas shopping with Sister Mary Robert. Sister Mary Robert’s advice “give everyone you meet a reason to remember you.”

Why are you proud of your Bishop Ludden heritage?

Part of who I am is because of Ludden. My faith was grounded and affirmed because of Sister Mary Robert and her steadfast faith. I strongly believe we were put on this earth to help others and that belief was formed because at Ludden.

Carol Stanley - Alumni Spotlight