Class Representation Roles



The Development Office is currently seeking class representatives to help keep our alumni connected and up to date on the great things happening at Bishop Ludden and to help us keep track of the difference our alumni make in their community every day.

Class Representative Responsibilities

Class Representatives play a vital role in the alumni community. They are instrumental in keeping class members in contact with one another and in keeping the Ludden community alive. Although a brief job description is outlined below, the most important requirements are:

  • enthusiasm
  • having a good rapport with others
  • being able to represent the views of classmates
  • having a strong desire to maintain the social cohesion of your class

    Alumni who take on this role should not necessarily see this as a job for life, nor one that they undertake alone. Think about setting up a committee and finding someone else to take over at a future date, perhaps after your next class reunion.

The role of a class representative:

  • Organize reunions for your class. These can be as frequent as you want.
  • Encourage your class to “Share their News”, update the Development office of your accomplishments so we can feature them in a alumni spotlight!
  • Help the School communicate with your class. In particular, help us by forwarding School news and information about alumni events and services to your classmates. We will provide you with a regular update (usually timed to coincide with appeals and event notifications) which can be customized to meet your own needs;
  • Encourage your classmates to keep their contact details up‐to‐date. This can be done online here ‐ it is the key to receiving information from the School and to ensuring that Lifelong e‐mail addresses actually work!
    Be an ambassador for the School. Help raise the profile of Bishop Ludden Jr.-Sr. High School.
  • Have fun!

Support from Advancement at Bishop Ludden:

The Advancement Office can support class representatives in the following ways:

  • Provide contact details for all the members of your class;
  • Distribute your mailings;
  • Include a list of “missing alumni” from your class;
  • Publicize your events on the website, Facebook, and Twitter 

For more information, contact