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All Souls Day Candles 300x188 - Memorial PageWe remember those friends and classmates no longer with us. Many of these classmates passed away much too young and did not have a chance to have an impact in the world or leave a legacy. They did, however, have an impact in the lives of their classmates and though they may be gone, they are not forgotten by the friends who knew them.

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If you would like to have your loved one included in our memorial garden, learn more about purchasing a brick here.  

**Please join us on November 1st, 2019 at 8:30am as we celebrate the lives of all those in the Bishop Ludden Community. 


Class of 2012
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Jennifer McBride
Class of 2002
Class of 2000
Jeffrey McGuire
Class of 1998
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Class of 1995
Nancy Reid Armstrong
Patrick Mathews
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Alfred Awad
Class of 1990
Steven Endieveri
Class of 1989
Shaun Underwood
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David Boltwood
Kevin Tong
Class of 1986
John Fortino
Ken Harris
Lori Moth
Thomas Pietrowski
Patricia Roach
Thomas Sardino
Class of 1985
Chris Charles
Mary Beth Campagna Hurkens
Peter Goodspeed
David Ortiz
John Servatius
Class of 1984
Thomas Colaneri
Maureen Gridley
Ann Marie Verostek
Class of 1983
David Corapi
Lesley Hughes
William Moore
Jeffrey Fleet
Class of 1982
John Colaneri
Mary Drake
Patricia Drake
Thomas Esce
Shannon Farrell
Michael Makowski
Peter Silvaggio
Kevin Tindall
Class of 1980
Sr. Mary Therese Brown
Colleen Gridley Michlovitch
Diane Nebus
Mary Elizabeth Rea
Chuck Schrank
Mark Thorton
Carolyn Ulrich MaHarry
Class of 1979
Sally Appleton-Atkins
Kathy Bergamo
Susan Nicholas Canestrare
Mary Carr-Fitz
Neal Delay
Joseph DeVivo
Mary Sue Fahey
James Goodman
Patricia Harper Jackson
Agnes Kubik
Michael Mannion
Karen White Money
Patrick Pierce
Gretchen Protzman
Timothy Purcell
Joseph Rojek
Kevin Stack
John Stafford
Daniel Tanzella
Joseph Thornton
Robert Visconti
Class of 1978
Art Bullock
Helena Jermalovic
Michael Marshall
Michael Schoeneck
Michael LaFex
Diane Vecchiarelli
Class of 1977
Andrea Pazaras Bianchi
Susan Connell
Thomas Durant
Patric Kiggins
Robert M. Krupka
James Masso
James D. Morrissey
Matthew Nolan
Ron Russo
Christine Zanoni Seib
Susan Smith-Williams
Class of 1976
Brian Baker
Brian Byrne
Brian Connor
Linda Conte
Leonard Dems
Karen Dowley
Eileen Gilday
Gerry Gwinn
William Lukacs
Mary Montgomery
Karen Spencer
Class of 1975
Mary Eron
Grace Blaskiak D’Archangelis
Michael Lydon
Thomas Maher
MarySue Malyas-Waisman
Elizabeth McCarthy
Robert Osterhout
Patricia Purcell Dzierwa
C. Joseph Roesch
Donna Stratton
Class of 1974
Kathy Bergamo
Melanie Casciano Coye
Patricia Harper
Tina Prosonic
Paul Keller
Agnes Kubik
Thomas E. McGough
Karl Wiegand
Sr. James Therese Downey
David Prior
Class of 1973
James Cameron
Barbara Connell Knight
Denny Casey
Maureen Doohan
Terese Fecco
Cynthia Bernadelli
Mark Muench
Jerry Mulherin
Karen Prendergast
Daniel Russell
Elizabeth Strowbridge
Regina Whiteside
Robert Coyne
Class of 1972
Kelly Barry
Michael Cassidy
Roseann Cawley
Patrick Clancy
Ronnie Demperio
Michael Donovan
John Fusco
Mark Jensen
Tim Parry
Melanie Spence
Michael Thorton
Patricia Corcoran Toomey
Veronica Zappala
Class of 1971
James Brown
Rosemary Cadin
Mary Ann Gianfrancessi
Romana Korchynsky
Thomas Maloney
Andrew Montanaro
Sr. Mary Robert
Melanie Martin Pendergast
Class of 1970
Anne Afleck
Shaun Casey
James A. Cavallaro
Clark Cavanaugh
James Anthony
Roberta “Robin” Davis Smith
Edward Hoey
Patrick Kortright
Alfred Maccarone
Kenneth Ernest McKinley
Theresa Pajuk
Michael Pierce
Mark Pisegna
Eileen Reilley
Gary Simmons
Philip Sutter
Deborah Tivnan Walter
Carol Waters
Class of 1969
Christopher Battaglini
Christina Carroll Bazydlo
Martin Casey
William Dardis  
Christine Fay
Susan Hackett Ruksznis
Joseph Hallahan  
Philip Hueber
Patrick Hurd
Kathleen McCoon
William O’Connor
John O’Hern
Marjorie Mishko Yam
Daniel Reagan
Ruth Rhodes
Gary Peters
Cathleen St. Denis Yungwirth
Robert Suskin
Anne Vasiloff
Gregory Welch
Michael Wood
Elvera Prietti Young
Sharon Ruder Karowski
Class of 1968
Susan Brownstad Brown
Janet Ann Lundy Carr
Eleanor Ann “Nelly” Dow
Brenda Lee Gardner
John Hallet
Daniel Loftus
Robert Malay
James McDonough
Linda Murphy Marrone
Peter E. Pfohl
Mary Rogers
Robert Schmelz
Class of 1967
Lawrence John Alciati
Henry Besaw
Linda Brezoski
John Carbery
Margaret Casey Kehoskic
Ronald Cerutti
James Dembroske
Carlos Duran
Charles Francouer
Edward Goulet
Thomas Hammond
Mary Elizabeth Hickey Malatin
Mary Kincella
Mary Frances Muhl
Mary Reid
Margaret Purcell Reynolds
Anthony Roberti
Francis Singer
Patrick Rush
John Sweeney
William Tivnan
Noreen Spain
John Sanderfur
John Dardis
Class of 1966
John Bourne
John Collins
Larry Fidler
Mark Given
Rev. George Hartnett
Kathleen “Kash” Hewitt Yackel
John Hoffman
Richard Kaminski
Edward “Ned” Lynch
George Magley
Charles Maney
Joel Marino
Miles Joseph Mooney
James “Jim” H. Montague
Colleen O’Shea
Susan Pfohl Dorrance
Tom Pfohl
William Pierce
Delores Purcell Fay
John Putnam
Nancy Quin Burns
Harry Robert “Bob” Rice
R. Michael Ross
Cathleen Singer Infanti
Patricia Smith
Ellen Spencer
Marie Sullivan Patterson
Mary Thompson
Mary Walker Fallon
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Larry Kelly
Arlene Begay
Carolyn Brown
RoseMary Corcoran
David Didio
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\Charles G. Gardner
Pat Levitt
Dorothy Maione
Mary Mathis
Odette Misik
Catherine Millington
MaryEllen Pelletier
Henel Rogala
Patty Schramm
Cathleen Singer Infanti
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Rita Tassinari
Sally Webster
Santa Whitmore
Patsy Campolieta
Virginia Prucker
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