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Bishop Ludden Earns Second Place in Rocket Challenge

Bishop Ludden took second place in the high school level  at the 16th annual MOST Central New York Rocket Team Challenge at Syracuse University Skytop Field.  With over 550 students competing on over 100 teams  on June 2, 2018, it was the second highest attendance in Rocket Team Challenge history.  Bishop Ludden sent six teams to the event, up from three in 2017. All six teams, coached by Maxine Babcock and Assistant Coach Brian Buttner,  had successful launches and scored five perfect landings.

Students received free rocket kits in either the LOC IV or  Graduator style from MOST and built them according to exacting specifications.  They were tested on physics, knowledge of and projections on on launch trajectory, and  rocketry knowledge at the event. The rocket was also critiqued and graded for its design and painting.  Those factors were all part of an exacting rubric. The payload was filled with an “eggstronaut” which had to survive the landing without cracking.  Calculation and prediction of the exact apogee of the rocket was the most important factor.

Bishop Ludden’s Irish Lights in the Sky team of juniors  delegated each part of the tasks which were scored. Emily Patrick painted the rocket in a clouds and sky pattern.  Xinran (Johanna) Zhou spent over a month mastering the apogee program, Rocket Sim, and refined her calculations to account for facts such as the high winds on the day of the event.  Jenna Isabelle answered the questions on the construction and physics. All three girls are members of Bishop Ludden STEM Club.

Here are the 2018 CNY Rocket Team Challenge winners:

Senior Division (grades nine through 12)

First place: Project Mercury, Mexico High School, with team members Daniel Scully, Tyler Kraus, Derrick Mosher and Kevin Mason, 12th-graders, and Aidan Cadrette and Lyle Trimble, ninth-graders.

Second place: Irish Lights in the Sky, Bishop Ludden, with team members Emily Patrick, Johanna Zhou, and Jenna Isabelle, all 11th-graders.
Third place: The Bill Tyes, Mexico High School, with team members Kimberly Heagerty, 11th-grader, and Marisa Ohmann, Alexis Cleveland, and Morgan Rhoads, 12th-graders.

Fourth place: CNDT: Cumulonimbus Design Technologies, Paul V. Moore High School in the Central Square district, with team members Jeff Nystro, Skylar Revette, and Mark Savage, 12th-graders, and Brodie Lembo and Mark Rio, 11th-graders.

CNY Rocket Team Challenge is organized by the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology (MOST) and Syracuse Rocket Club. Event sponsors include SRC, Lockheed Martin, College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University, Technology Alliance of Central New York (TACNY), and NASA.