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Bishop Ludden Junior-Senior High School

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Food Services

We are subsidized by the USDA and the NYS Department of Donated Foods, not only monetarily but also with government commodities.

We are governed by the USDA and must adhere to their nutritional guidelines.

Each lunch must meet 1/3 of the daily nutritional requirements as set by the RDA.

Many of our lunch choices (chicken patties, nuggets) are
formulated to be lower in calories and fat that you could purchase in restaurants.

We bake all products, NOTHING IS FRIED.

Many of our items are homemade, and all meals are made in Bishop Ludden Kitchen.

90% of bread products are whole grain.

Salad dressings and condiments are low fat.

Free and Reduced Applications may be filled out any time during the school year.

The sale of candy and soda is not allowed during the school day.

We also offer Catering Services.

The cafeteria is a self-sufficient operation that runs independently of the school budget.