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Great Lakes Scrip Program

Do you shop at Target? Walmart? Amazon? JCPenney? Marshalls? Kohls? Barnes & Noble?
Do you eat at Applebees? Olive Garden? Panera Bread? Cheesecake Factory? Subway? Dunkin' Donuts? 
Are you planning a big home improvement project with Lowe's or Home Depot?
How about making vacation plans with Airbnb? American Airlines? Delta? Hilton Hotels? Carnival Cruise Lines? Disney?
SCRIP gives you the opportunity to earn credit towards your student's tuition when you make your normal purchases from hundreds of retailers. 
So, how does it work?
Think of it as substitute money. When you purchase a SCRIP, you're purchasing a normal gift card to use just like cash. But with every card you purchase, you're earning money back towards the cost of tuition at Ludden. SCRIP cards can be used for groceries, clothings, gifts, gasoline, vacations and more! Extended family and friends can also order through your student, earning your family even more credit toward tuition!
How does buying a SCRIP generate revenue? 
You order your SCRIP gift cards through the school and pay full face value for them. Bishop Ludden is able to buy SCRIP from hundreds of local and nationwide retailers through the Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount. The discount, which varies from 1.5% to 25%, is returned to you as tuition credit for the following school year. 
For example, if you purchase a $50 gift card from a retailer that is offering a 10% discount, you have already saved $5 on next year's tuition bill. (Land's End - our exclusive uniform vendor - offers a 15% credit back towards your tuition!) See the complete list of over 750 participating retailers below!
If you're planning a shopping trip to Target or a dinner at Cheesecake Factory, plan ahead and shop with SCRIP! Earn money back in the process -- it really adds up. Families have earned hundreds of dollars towards their tuition bills.
How do I order SCRIP?
Download and complete an order form (below). There is a one time $20 set-up fee paid annually, which covers shipping costs. Send the order to school with your student on the due date (always on a Monday) and the rest is up to our SCRIP coordinator. Your SCRIP order is returned to you or your student at school the Friday of the same week. 
If you will not have a student enrolled at BIshop Ludden in 2019-2020 you can choose to receive a check for the total amount of your rebates at the end of the year or you can also choose to donate your savings to the Bishop Ludden Booster Club.
At Bishop Ludden, our SCRIP coordinator is Heather Chemotti. Please feel free to contact Heather at with any questions. For more information, visit
Place your order and start saving today!

       Drop Off: (School office by noon)       Pick Up: (by end of school day)          

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