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Great Lakes Scrip Program

BIshop Ludden Jr. Sr. High School is proud to announce a new partnership with Great Lakes Scrip Center. The Scrip Program allows you to purchase gift cards from a variety of well known, everyday retail vendors and receive a percentage of the gift card value back as credit which will be applied to your school tuition.
Each vendor offers a different rebate percentage that's typically between 2% and 16% depending on the retailer. With over 750 retailers you can use Scrip for practically anything.
For example, need new school uniforms? Purchase a Land's End gift card through the Scrip Program for $300 (average cost of new uniforms). Land's End offers a 16% rebate through Scrip, receive a $48.00 credit on your tuition for the 2018-2019 school year. It's that simple. Any purchases through Scrip are credited back to your tuition for the following year.
If you will not have a student enrolled at BIshop Ludden in 2018-2019 you can choose to receive a check for the total amount of your rebates at the end of the year or you can also choose to donate your savings to the Bishop Ludden Booster Club.
Heather Chemotti is our Scrip Program Coordinator. For any questions please contact Heather at
How does it work?

  • Complete a Scrip Order form (see attachment below): There is a one time $20 set-up fee paid annually. This is applied toward shipping costs.
  • Send in your Scrip order and payment check with your child on date specified or leave your Scrip order and check at the School.
  • Pick up your order at the Main Office that same week or request it to be sent home with your child.
  • The Scrip Coordinator keeps track of the credits and provides you with a running tally of your savings!
  • There is NO mandatory requirement to participate. You can order every month or once.
  • Order forms are available below, at the Main Office or email Heather Chemotti at
  • For more information on the Great Lakes Scrip Program go to:
See the full list of retailers below. The schedule for ordering outlines when orders must be placed and when they are ready for pick up.
Place your order and start saving today!
2017-2018 Academic Year
Scrip Program Schedule
The following dates outline the schedule for the 2017-2018 Scrip Schedule. Please drop off and pick up your orders at the Bishop Ludden Main Office.
Please note: Orders placed this year will receive tuition credit in the 2018-2019 academic year. A one time $20.00 administrative fee for shipping costs is due with your first order.
Please contact Heather Chemotti at 315.391.1063 or at with any questions.

       Drop Off: (School office by noon)       Pick Up: (by end of school day)          

                                         Monday                               Friday               

July 10th

July 14th

July 24th

July 28th

Aug 7th

Aug 11th

Aug 21st

Aug 25th

Sept 18th

Sept 22nd

Oct 23rd

Oct 27th

Nov 13th

Nov 17th

Dec 4th

Dec 8th

Dec 18th

Dec 22nd

Jan 8th

Jan 12th

Feb 5th

Feb 9th

March 5th

March 9th

April 9th

April 13th

May 14th

May 18th

June 4th

June 8th