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Uniform and Dress Code

All students must comply with the following uniform specifications.  It is required that all uniform pieces (with the exception of the white button down dress shirts, ties, shoes, socks, tights, and belts) be purchased through Bishop Ludden’s exclusive vendor, Lands’ End (see our customized ordering page on-line here.)

All shirts, both polos and dress shirts, must be tucked in at all times.  Polos are to be worn without a sweater (intended for the warmer months). Dress shirts may be worn with or without a sweater. All uniform tops with the exception of the white dress shirts must include the Bishop Ludden School logo.

Regular Uniform Days:

Girls Options

Khaki or black chino pants, plaid skirt or skort, green short sleeve polo, white button down dress shirt (short or long sleeve, no logo), green cardigan or V-neck pull over sweater, tie (optional), solid white or dark green knee socks (may not show any logos or designs…ex. Nike or Adidas) or tights, dark colored belt to be worn with pants. Skirt or skort length must be within two-inches above the knee.

Boys Options

Khaki or black chino pants, green short sleeve polo, white button down dress shirt (short or long sleeve, no logo), green pull over v-neck sweater, tie (optional), solid dark colored socks, dark colored belt. Khaki shorts may be worn only in September, October, May, and June (solid dark color socks with no logos or designs must be worn with shorts).  

Students are to wear flat “dress shoes”. No sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, no recreational shoes, etc.  All shoes must fit around the back of the foot.  NO BOOTS of any sort are allowed. Boots may be worn to and from school, but not during the school day. Any shoe that fits over the ankle is considered a boot. Any shoe that looks like a work boot (tan), even though it fits under the ankle, is still considered a boot.

Any undershirts or camisoles worn under any uniform top must not have any writing, images, or logos visible.

Risse Brothers uniform pieces and the black quarter-zip fleeces may be worn for the 2017-2018 school year, but not beyond.  These articles of clothing will also no longer be sold.

“Dress-up Days” (in-school Masses, game days for athletes, days in which our students represent Bishop Ludden out in the community, days at the discretion of the Principal):

Boys and Girls

White button down dress shirt (short or long sleeve, no logo), with or without a sweater, and a tie for boys (tie optional for girls).  Pants, skirts, and skorts remain the same as regular uniform days. 

Gym Uniform

Boys and Girls

Short or long sleeved grey t-shirt (with logo), black mesh shorts (with logo), gym socks, sneakers.

“Dress Down Days”

Boys and Girls

Students must wear a t-shirt, jacket or sweatshirt that adequately covers the mid-section and entire upper body including shoulders (must have sleeves that go down the side of the arm).  Lower body must be covered adequately – no short or tight shorts.  All students must be dressed modestly and appropriately.

Although we encourage our students to show their Bishop Ludden pride whenever possible, the following articles of clothing are not allowed to be worn during the school day:

  • spirit wear (BL sweatshirts or jackets that are not Lands’ End school uniform pieces)
  • team jackets (ex. Ludden Volleyball, Ludden Baseball, etc)
  • sportswear (ex. hoodies, college/pro “team” clothing, Nike wear, etc)

All clothing must be worn modestly, decently, and appropriately. Students must look neat, presentable, and well groomed.

Boys hair length may not extend below the top of the uniform shirt collar (back of neck). Hair must not cover the eyes. Boys must be clean shaven (no mustaches or beards). Sideburns are to be no longer than the bottom of the ear.


  • earrings on boys; 
  • nose, tongue, face, or body piercings/markings;  
  • nose rings/ear gauges (metal or clear) or plugs/band-aids/tape used as covers
  • hats, bandanas, scarves;
  • excessive jewelry on any student
  • fad hairstyles, hair coloring (other than natural hair colors), spiked hair, elevated wave on the middle of the head, excessively layered hair (short on side, long on top), or any design or logo shaved into hair, hair art
  • cut, torn, or tattered clothing
  • visible tattoos (at any time during the school day or while representing Bishop Ludden, or while participating in a school sponsored event, including athletics)

Decisions on issues/questions with the uniform policy are at the discretion of the Assistant Principal and the Administrative Team.