Drawing & Painting

Course Description

Drawing and Painting I

The use of various media in drawing is explored. In-depth study of line, shape, volume, texture and contour is combined with the study of figure, still life and imaginary objects. Painting is developed as a further expression of the skill of drawing and gives the student the opportunity to express himself/herself through the use of color and the various painting media. Prerequisite: Studio Art

Drawing and Painting II

This course is designed to help students fine tune their drawing and painting skills. Students will reflect upon, interpret and evaluate works of art using the language of art criticism. Students will explore art to understand the social, cultural, and environmental dimensions of human society. This course will be helpful for any student planning to study art in college.  Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting I.

Drawing and Painting III

This course is designed to help students with their fine art skills and create a suitable portfolio for personal and/or college viewing. A survey of Art History will also be included in the course.  Prerequisite: Drawing and Painting II.