2022 Second Annual Sport Hall of Fame

2021 Hall of Fame


Bob Ulrich

Mark Wadach

Phil Harlow

Chet DeLucia

Joan Thornton

Martha Mogish Rowe

Jim Roy

Gretchen Byrne Burns

Mike Naton

Tom Whelan

Pat Driscoll

John Johnstone

Len Rauch


Terry Quigley

Dave Didio

Jerry Wilcox

Pat Donnelly

Special Recognition:

Carol “STASH” Stanley


1968-69 Green Machine, Basketball Team

Bob Bachman

Joe Charles

Dan Craver

Robert Ganley

Thomas Halligan

Terry Iannello

Phil Harlow

Brad Kane

Gary Krohl

Ralph Petta

Thomas Savage

Mark Seredowych

Peter Tartaro

Mark Wadach

Patrick Wrobel

Posthumous recognition:

Clark Cavanaugh

Kenneth McKinley

John O’Hearn

Mark Pisegna

Coach Terry Quigley

Coach David Didio

Induction videos of each athlete can be viewed by clicking here

2022 Hall of Fame


John Bova 66′

Dan Craver 69′

Michael McAnaney 70′

John Spillett 72′

Don Kalode 72′

Phil Byrne 73′

Dan Hanover 73′

Chet Delucia 73′

Jean Balesta 75′

Rance Davis 76′

Kathy McEneny 79′

Alison Grey Estes 80′

Marcel Dyess 83′

Leeann Duhoski 86′

Gallagher Driscoll 88′


Mike Rogers

Special Recognition:

John Hayes 80′


1981 Boys State Championship Golf Team

Induction videos of each athlete can be viewed by clicking here

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The deadline for nominations to the Class of 2023 is November 15, 2022

The 2023 Third Annual Sport Hall of Fame will be on August 6th, 2:00-5:30pm