Athletic Hall of Fame

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Inaugural Sports Hall of Fame scheduled for Sunday, August 1, 2021

Join us as we honor and celebrate the Inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame inductees



Athlete Sport Years
Mark Wadach Basketball, Football, Track & Field, Faculty 1966 -69
Phil Harlow Basketball, Track & Field 1966 -69
Chet DeLucia Football, Track & Field 1969 – 73
Robert Ulrich Basetball, Baseball 1970 – 74
Joan Thorton Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey 1973 – 76
Martha Mogish Rowe Basketball 1974 – 77
Jim Roy Golf 1974 – 77
Gretchen Byrne Burns Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Speed Skating 1974 – 78
Mike Naton Golf, Football 1974 – 78
Tom Whelan Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse 1975 – 79
Pat Driscoll Basketball 1982 – 85
John Johnstone Baseball, Basketball 1984 – 87
Len Rauch Basketball, Baseball 1984 – 87


Terry Quigley Basketball, Faculty 1963 – 73
Dave Didio Football / Track and Field / AD, Faculty 1966 – 86
Jerry Wilcox Basketball, Faculty 1974 – 87
Pat Donnelly Basketball 1988 – 2018


Special Recognition    
Carol “Stash” Stanley Softball – STAN MILL MITT 1963 -67



Green Machine:

Bob Bachman

Joe Charles

Dan Craver

Robert Ganley

Thomas Halligan

Terry Iannello

Phil Harlow

Brad Kane

Gary Krohl

Ralph Petta

Thomas Savage

Mark Seredowych

Peter Tartaro

Mark Wadach

Patrick Wrobel

Deceased Members

Clark Cavanaugh

Kenneth McKinley

John O’Hearn

Mark Pisegna

Coach Terry Quigley

Coach David Didio

Basketall 1968-69




The mission of the Bishop Ludden High School Athletic Hall Of Fame is to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of those outstanding athletes, coaches, administrators, and friends who enhance the proud, rich tradition of Ludden sports through participation, leadership and/or support, and have made outstanding contributions to Bishop Ludden Athletics. These individuals personify what it means to be part of the Ludden Community, where character, commitment and community come together in a school for all.


  • Athlete
  • Coach
  • School Faculty/Staff
  • Team
  • Special Recognition
  • 15 years since graduation – athlete or team
  • 5 years of involvement for coach or school faculty/staff
  • Committees discretion for those deserving of special / community service
  • Application – For Inaugural Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony for 2021 electronic nomination form will be on school website only.
      • Timeline for nominations: September 1 – October 15, 2020
      • Nominator to provide data for their nominee’s document as stated on the nomination form page
      • Nominees being represented by multiple applications will receive a single review as a whole
      • All nominees not selected for  current year induction will be considered for induction in subsequent years. Nominators may request feedback and edit nomination as applicable in future year
      • The HOF inductions will be a biennial event
  • Inaugural Inductee Announcement Event – November 2020
      • The event announcement date for the 2021 inductees will be published during October 2020 and circulated by various medias.
  • The ceremony details will be announced during the inductee announcement in November 2020.


The purpose of establishing the Bishop Ludden High School Athletic Hall Of Fame is to honor those men and women who have made meaningful contributions to the Bishop Ludden athletic program. The recognition is inclusive of  graduates who have exhibited a degree of accomplishment in their field of endeavor after having distinguished themselves in their interscholastic athletic pursuits while at Bishop Ludden High School.  This also encompasses varsity coaches and loyal supporters who have devoted themselves to the betterment of the Bishop Ludden Athletic Community.

Selection Criteria (Athlete):
1. Graduate of Bishop Ludden High School.
2. Honoree must have graduated at least 15 years ago.
3. Participation in, with distinction, at least two years of varsity athletics in either one or more sports.
4. Exhibits an exceptional degree of accomplishment in his/her professional endeavors and  interpersonal relationships which reflects well on the honoree, his/her character, and Bishop Ludden High School.

Selection Criteria (School Faculty & Staff / Special Recognition):
1. Ineligible under the Athlete Selection Criteria above.
2. A friend of Bishop Ludden High School.
3. A person who has distinguished themself in their support of athletics at Bishop Ludden.
4. Exhibits an exceptional degree of accomplishment in professional endeavors and interpersonal relationships which reflect well on the honoree’s character and the school.
5. Selection limitations per year are at the sole discretion of the Bishop Ludden Hall of Fame

Selection Criteria (Coaches):
1. Honoree must have coached a Varsity level sport at Bishop Ludden High School for at least 5 years.
2. A person who has distinguished him/herself in their field and during their tenure at Bishop Ludden.

Selection Criteria (Teams):
1. A specific team (one unique season of sport) may be inducted as a group into the Hall of Fame.
2. The team may be selected based on team record and accomplishments, impact on the sport and the community and unique circumstances reflecting the embodiment of team unity or individual sacrifice for the greater good.
3. Teams are not eligible for induction until 10 years past the season of note.

  • Nominator must complete all information and upload files/attachments related to nominee as needed

All information for individuals nominated and not selected for current year induction will remain on file and will be reviewed each year.