Dear Patrons.

These are the links to our next livestream show, A Simpler Time.

For this show we are featuring our freshmen and sophomore theater members, with a few seniors for moral support.

It is a light hearted look at the history of people and how they interact with each other.

The show cost is $8.00, plus a $2.95 service charge for a total of $10.95, payable through the ordering site.

We encourage you to order in advance.

We hope you would help support the Performing Arts Program join us for this show.

We also hope you might consider a small donation (or a big one) to our program to help us offset costs for future productions and to make improvement to the program.

This can be done by sending a donation to:

Bishop Ludden Performing Arts

815 Fay Rd.

Syracuse NY, 13219


February 5th 7 PM Livestream:–bishop-ludden-jrsr-high-school?channel=live-productions


February 6th 1PM Livestream:–bishop-ludden-jrsr-high-school?channel=live-productions


February 6th 7PM Livestream:–bishop-ludden-jrsr-high-school?channel=live-productions