Peer Leadership & Campus Ministry

Membership in Campus Ministry is open to all grade levels. Everyone is considered a minister by becoming a part of the Ludden Community, whether or not he or she is able to attend the monthly meetings. Opportunities for ministering are designed for and by the students to practice living out their faith.

The members of Campus Ministry created this mission:

Campus Ministry is about improving the quality of life by reaching out and simply caring. We take action and get involved. We lend a helping hand and a loving heart. We volunteer!

A select group of Campus Ministers at Bishop Ludden are known as the Peer Leaders. Through an application process, the group of 12th Graders are selected to foster and encourage the spiritual growth of the community. The role of Peer Leaders is to develop activities and programs that facilitate faith formation, including retreats and service projects. Peer Leaders also organize spiritual services and sacraments such as Liturgies, Penance Services and First Friday Adoration.

Peer Leaders study theological values, stages of psychological and spiritual development and motivational techniques. They are expected to be creatively faith-filled while relating appropriately to the age group they’re working with.

Different members take on responsibility for developing skits, conferences, service projects, liturgies, meditations, ice-breaker games, inviting speakers, creating schedules, and ordering any needed supplies. After each retreat, they review to assess their successes and difficulties.

Any student interested in Peer Leadership or Campus Ministry should contact Sr. Beth Ann Dillon at