Dear friend,

As I reflect on my involvement with Bishop Ludden, and over this last year in particular, I cannot help but feel an overwhelming sense of
gratitude for this community. Our students are nothing if not resilient and motivated, and similarly, our faculty are dedicated, our parents & families committed, and our partners supportive. The season of reflection and giving-back is upon us, and I write with pride and gratitude to those whose support is meaningful and transformative to our school.

In conversations with many of you, Bishop Ludden’s alumni and friends, you have said how much you value the kind of education that Bishop Ludden offers and the values we reinforce: students think critically, thrive in a community-centric environment, and understand the importance of faith. Your support facilitates this kind of education. The unrestricted annual fund at Bishop Ludden allows our leadership team to be responsive to its highest and greatest needs; as you can imagine, this year those needs are more significant than ever before. Some of the areas that will benefit from donations are:

• The gap in the cost of educating a student annually and the tuition cost ($13,000 for one student’s education, and around $7,000 for tuition fees) along with additional financial assistance for many of our students
• COVID-related, new expenses exceeding $34,000 in this calendar year
• Commitment to the International Baccalaureate Program
• Unexpected capital needs: specific to this year includes a high-efficiency boiler system to replace a failed boiler ($140,000 investment)
• Programmatic and extracurricular support

Our students need increased support this year, and this financial need has only been compounded by Ludden’s inability to hold traditional fundraising events that have benefited our annual fund greatly in past years. We continue to transform lives with a Ludden education. We set students on a new trajectory, and regardless of this year’s challenges, we do not relent in visioning for an even greater experience year-after-year.

Please consider joining me in making an investment in our annual fund – it’s an investment in our world’s future, the next generation of Bishop Ludden educated young minds who stand to take what they’ve learned and do meaningful and impactful things. The future is bright at Ludden, especially if we continue to support one another. With sincere gratitude and prayers for a healthy year for you & your families, I thank you in advance for your consideration of a gift that will generate infinite outcomes.


Jim Gaspo
Board Chairman

To donate online, please visit our website, at