Congratulations to the inaugural inductees for Bishop Ludden’s Athletic Hall of Fame! Here are our inductees…

Gretchen Byrne Burns: Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Speed Skating (1974-78)
Chet DeLucia: Football, Track & Field (1969-73)
Pat Driscoll: Basketball (1982-85)
Phil Harlow: Basketball, Track & Field (1966-69)
John Johnstone: Baseball, Basketball (1984-87)
Martha Mogish: Basketball (1974-77)
Mike Naton: Golf, Football (1974-78)
Len Rauch: Basketball, Baseball (1984-87)
Jim Roy: Golf (1974-77)
Joan Thorton: Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey (1973-76)
Mark Wadach: Basketball, Football, Track & Field, Faculty (1966-69)
Tom Whelan: Basketball, Cross Country, Lacrosse (1975-79)


Terry Quigley: Basketball Coach, Faculty (1963-73)
Dave Didio: Football Coach, Track & Field Coach, AD, Faculty (1966-86)
Jerry Wilcox: Basketball Coach, Faculty (1974-87)
Pat Donnelly: Basketball Coach (1988-2018)

Special Recognition:

Carol “Stash” Stanley, Softball- STAN MILL MITT (1963-67)


Green Machine, Basketball (1968-69)