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History of the Americas HL (IB Course)

Course Description

This is a two-year study of history that analyzes America’s past in a worldwide context. Course content includes all of Regents-level US History, so students can take the NYS Regents exam in US History. IB history topics build upon that foundation, and focus on the mid-19th to the mid 20th century, including the Civil War, the US in Global Affairs, and the Great Depression. Further studies include the international dynamics of the Cold War, the US civil rights movement compared to South African apartheid, and an exploration of authoritarian states in the 20th century. Course requirements include advanced reading of textbooks, primary documents, and commentaries. Students are encouraged to think historically and to develop historical skills as well as retaining factual knowledge. Importantly, students develop critical thinking skills needed to develop an understanding of multiple interpretations of history. IB assessment in this course includes the production of a 2200-word historical investigation on topic of their choice that includes an evaluation of sources, the investigation itself, and the personal reflection. There is also a final examination consisting of two essays on topics selected by the student from a set of choices.