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AP Biology

Course Description

Prerequisite: Students must have an overall science average of 85 or permission of instructor.

This course will employ an integrated approach to several main topics covered in a freshman college biology course. It will emphasize critical thinking skills and analysis by utilizing real world situations through case studies combined with projects, videos, investigations and lecture. Students also develop presentation skills useful in the working world. A sample of possible topics include; Our Biosphere: covering energy flow, effects of climate change and invasive species, Disease, Epidemics and Our Immune Response—the genetics of a virus, viral structure and function, MRSA, how our immune system battles invaders, Evolution in Practice: exploring the connections between evolution and genetics and evolution as a response to a changing environment, Technology and Ethics—To Clone or Not to Clone that is the Question. Students taking the course are expected to take the AP Biology exam for a fee of $93. It is suggested that students buy the recommended study guide.