Class Catalog

AP English Lit

Course Description

This course concentrates on the reading of complex texts to understand the art of rich and complex writing that communicates effectively with mature readers. The readings encompass a wide variety of subject matter to prepare the students for college and the AP exam taken in May. Students will read at least one novel, as well as several other pieces, per month. Students will write in a variety of forms and on a variety of subjects. Students will also be responsible for mastering college level diction and literary terminology- to be used in class discussion and that will ready them for the AP exam and college level discourse. This course has the potential to replace a freshman level writing course in college, so the expectations and assignments follow college level curriculum. The students will explore, in addition to the texts themselves, the context from whence the work came; providing a historical and cultural background necessary for deeper understanding. In addition, students will be required to lead and participate in discussions which demonstrate their understanding of the required readings and concepts at hand. Students will also engage in independent reading projects throughout the year based on the AP reading list provided to them. There are a number of tests, papers, summative, and formative assessments given to evaluate students’ work throughout the year. Students must also take a school midterm and final exam. At the end of the course students are required to take the Advanced Placement Exam. There will be a $93.00 course fee to cover the cost of the exam. There will be an additional materials fee for all other reading material/books. In addition, students must also buy their own test preparation book (recommendations will be provided) or order them as a class through the teacher.

Prerequisite: Students must meet performance criteria determined by the English Department.