Class Catalog

English 12

Course Description

The senior year is devoted to preparing students for the rigors of college life, thus it is focused on discussion, writing, and reading. Students will be required to lead and participate in discussions which demonstrate their understanding of the required readings and concepts at hand as well as writing essays for college applications, conducting scholarly research, and reading a vast array of complex materials that engage them in multiple perspectives. The literature chosen is comprised of classics and important pieces that are important to have read before beginning college or entering the world outside of school. The literature read in class ranges from antiquity to present day. The will explore, in addition to the texts themselves, the context from whence the work came; providing a historical and cultural background necessary for deeper understanding. The focus of reading in this course is placed on subjective analysis and understanding the opportunity for it rather than surface level reading. Seniors will write a research paper reflecting complex text analysis after having conducted extensive research on a text and artist of their choice. They will develop and refine their sills in close reading, annotating, and note taking. There are a number of tests, papers, summative, and formative assessments given to evaluate students’ work throughout the year. Students will take a school midterm exam and final exam OR have major writing projects in lieu of a formal exam.