Fundraising Policy

The need for a coordinated approach to the fundraising activities at Bishop Ludden is important for many reasons. Quite simply, we need to respect our prospective donors and not deluge them with numerous appeals. We also need to insure the priorities of the school are the focus of our fund raising activities. We need to avoid “competition” for available dollars within the school, and we need to promote a fair allocation of resources for the common good.

Financial support for the school’s operating budget, especially for tuition assistance, is critically important. Therefore all alumni, parents and friends will be approached for unrestricted support as a first priority. All financial requests from Bishop Ludden need to be well-orchestrated.

The Director of Development is responsible for coordinating the fundraising activities of the school. In order to do so, the director’s approval is needed before any individual organization, club, team, class or school affiliated organization begins a project. In addition, Bishop Ludden follows all USDA federal regulations regarding sales of food as fundraisers. Any request for donations or sales must be approved by the Director of Development or the Principal. We also receive approval for necessary licenses i.e. gambling & liquor licenses.

It is the general policy of Bishop Ludden that we will not raise money for outside organizations.

We do not make our database information available to any outside fundraising organizations or for any outside fundraising effort. Almsgiving efforts on behalf of the entire Bishop Ludden community and individual classes/clubs to worthy charitable causes should be part of our Catholic educational ministry and identity. Special almsgiving efforts may be approved by the Principal in consultation with the Development office.

In general, approval for special projects will be based on merit and how the projects fit the mission and priorities of Bishop Ludden. Projects involving students and focusing on the Ludden tradition of reaching out to others will be given special consideration. Food donations at Thanksgiving, gift donations at Christmas time, and clothing drives for the needy are examples of such projects.

Acceptance of unsolicited physical goods (as a guideline, value >$50) are allowed with the approval of the Director of Development and the principal. Before they are approved, such things as storage, maintenance costs, and assumption of liability must be taken into consideration.

In all approved cases, arrangements must be made so our donors receive proper acknowledgement and gift credit. Please communicate with the Development Office once the gift/physical goods have been received, including any accompanying documentation (cash, checks, invoices, letters of intent, etc.). This is done to insure we say thank you to our donors, and that we supply them with whatever is required for tax purposes.

Your cooperation is needed and is appreciated. Our goal is to secure maximum support for the school and insure our educators spend their time forming students, taking into account our mission and priorities.

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