Clubs & Activities


Robotics coaches are Head Coach Jennifer Andrews, sponsor Andrew Leary of CNY Robotics & Science, John Schafer, Maxine Babcock, and W. Michael Morgan.

Roles for team members include designing and building robots, photography, programming robots, Facebook/blogging/Twitter, building obstacle courses, designing booths and advertisements, web design, and fundraising. The club has its own Facebook page, e-mail account, and Google site.

Robotics members are on the following teams:

FLL Team #1 is composed of Brian Buttner (web design), Will Anderson (design and build), Paul Kolenda (design and build, program), John Galeazza (program), Ava Farino (photography, web design), Matt Brunger (program, web design), John Kopacko (design and build) and George O’Malley (design and build).

FLL Team #2 is composed of Henry Zachary V (design and build, program), Will Powell (design and build, web design), Nathaniel Maitland (design and build, program), Isaiah Horne (design and build), and Kailene Sinco (Photography, Fundraising).

The Vex Team is composed of Tom Dussing (design and build), Zach Horne (build and design, program), Johanna Zhou (design and build, program), Anthony Farino (mentor), Nico Santone (program, fundraising, Facebook), Evan Barker (design, advertising), Will Contento (build and design) ,Margaret Galeazza (fundraising), and Alissa Kimber (fundraising).