Student Spotlight

The Bishop Ludden Difference; a Student’s Perspective: Nya Robinson

Nothing happens in a bubble. Everything that exists is intertwined.

These few lines are cleanly printed into a notebook during an AP Biology class. “Ms. Day frequently calls upon the class to look at why certain phenomena exist and how things are connected. This mindset encourages us to learn holistically, rather than seeing biology as something that’s separated out from the rest of the sciences,” said Nya, a Bishop Ludden High School senior and aspiring neuropsychiatrist. Ms. Day isn’t the only standout teacher Nya lists.

The Bishop Ludden Difference

“At the larger schools many of my friends attend, teachers or guidance counselors rarely have time to intricately understand a student’s dreams and aspirations the way that is routinely accomplished here at Bishop Ludden,” said Nya.

Nya shared that her non-Ludden friends complained about feeling forgotten by counselors in the influx of students. This is especially true for those outside of Ludden during the critical, infamous and dreaded college application process when almost every senior demands extensive assistance from a counselor. “From our first steps into the school, something was different. Mrs. Schoeneck, Bishop Ludden’s School counselor, gave us her full attention and was clearly interested in Nya’s various goals, even taking notes. I’ve never seen that happen. And everything they talked about from that one day, Mrs. Schoeneck remembered and helped to manifest,” said Nikki, Nya’s mother.

Mrs. Schoeneck continued to help Nya throughout her time at Ludden, and even helped prepare her for the next phase after high school. “My own application process was as painless as it possibly could have been, the college application process is fairly painful by nature, and it was only made so because of the efforts of my councilor Mrs. Schoeneck who took it upon herself to ensure that everything I needed was provided to me.”

Building a Holistic Student Experience

Being part of the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters program as a mentor has not only been foundational in Nya’s personal development but a cornerstone in her life since the 5th grade. The program was offered to Nya again in 11th grade where Bishop Ludden encourages older students to connect with inner-city youth in Syracuse, N.Y.

“Working with the younger kids, who have been affectionately dubbed “Littles”, has altered the way I view learning and the mind,” said Nya. “Coming to understand the way that my little learns best has allowed me to become more receptive to the educational and emotional needs of others. As my little and I continue to share stories, laughs, and pretzels she will continue to remind me why mentoring is so crucial to who I am and who I aim to become.”

Activities like this are why Nya chose to continue her education at Bishop Ludden. “The teachers, counselors and administration have taken the time to really get to know me rather than dismiss me as another student in the crowd, which is rare,” said Nya. “I know that because of this each of them have worked to uplift and guide me and will continue to do so until I graduate. In conjunction to all of this support Ludden’s curriculum is also preparing me for the rigors of adult life and college. Finding a place where the academics are on par with college levels has always been an important factor as to why I choose Ludden.”

“I have never felt this strongly about a high school,” said Nikki. “I don’t have this kind of attachment even to my own high school alma mater. Every chance I get, I talk about Bishop Ludden and how they give kids numerous opportunities to find their own voice and flourish.”

Nya is attending the University of Rochester in the fall, and dual majoring in Neuroscience and Africana studies with hopes of pursuing neuroscience research. The impending course load will be as difficult as it is tedious. “Although I have been told dual majoring is ambitious, the staff at Ludden has consistently supported me and pushed me toward my goals. There has never been a time where anyone at Ludden has dissuaded me from this dream or done anything other than advise me on what classes to take, including summer ones at Lemoyne, and open doors for me so that I can achieve it more easily.”

The unwavering support of Bishop Ludden faculty only added to Nya’s confidence to challenge the challenging with zeal and vigor. Ms. Day was right. Nothing happens in a bubble.

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