Summer Reading lists are now online!

Dear Bishop Ludden Parents and Students,

This year the English Department has decided to compile a list of books for each grade. Your student will be responsible for choosing one book from their grade level list and reading it over their summer break.

Along with this, they will be responsible for taking some short notes on each chapter. These chapter notes will be collected and taken for a grade on the first day school, September 4th 2019. The function of taking these notes is two-fold. First, it is to help students break down what they are reading for better comprehension and personal analysis. Secondly, it is to show their teachers that they thoroughly read the book. Each student will receive a Chapter Chart with this list and additional copies can be printed off of the Bishop Ludden website.

In regards to obtaining a book, you can either purchase the book your student selects at any bookstore that has it available, or go to a public library and check the book out. Students will not be required to have the book for school.

As an English Department, above all else, we want this summer reading to be enjoyable. Please help your student pick a book from their grade level list that will help them not only develop a love of reading, but also interest them on a personal level.

If you have any questions you, or your student, can contact their current English teacher or Mike Morgan.

Thank you, and happy reading.

The Bishop Ludden English Department

Click here to see the complete summer reading lists for 2019