Board of Trustees

On July 1, 2015, Bishop Ludden Jr-Sr High School became an independent New York Educational Corporation. Through the newly formed Board of Trustees, the Bishop Ludden Community now has direct input into and will be in partnership with the Bishop and his top diocesan advisors in making all decisions regarding Bishop Ludden.

It is Bishop Cunningham’s sincere hope that by granting independence and a greater degree of autonomy to Bishop Ludden and an independent Board of Trustees, that our Alumni (which currently numbers well over 7,500 graduates), our students, our parents and our faculty and administrative personnel will all become more actively engaged in enrollment, fund raising, development and the overall stewardship of Bishop Ludden’s operations. The Bishop Ludden Community will be able to determine the course being set for our great school in accordance with the values and needs of our great Community.

The present Board is populated by individuals with specific backgrounds. There are lawyers, accountants, engineers, managers, educators, community leaders, business owners, parents, coaches, members of the clergy, etc. Each of these individuals was selected to assist in their specific area of expertise, and to help transition Bishop Ludden into a new independent corporation of the Diocese. Under Bishop Ludden’s by-laws, all Board Members have term limits, which will provide an opportunity for other qualified and interested individuals to join the Board.

Our bylaws require the Board of Trustees to meet on a quarterly basis, with much of the work of the Board happening through several active and focused Committee’s. These Committees work with the school staff and administration to assist in specific areas of the school’s operations. The Committee’s include groups focused on Finance, Facilities, Alumni, Fund Development, Marketing, Enrollment management, and Mission Effectiveness.


Jim Gaspo